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inspired by Zombie (Cranberries)

I might work on it tomorrow again and sort out the lettuce…………………………

That way I’ll finally thank to the ‚Lost & Found‘ were I got back my color pens I have lost end of last year! That was a wonderful surprise and great start for 2016… keeping the faith!!


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I love my „Wurlitzer“ – inner flowing music source.sweet-chai
Guess which song came up in my mind while making this nice cup of tea.
After the refrain it says: „Where do we go now? Where do we go now?“

Have a wonderful afternoon & enjoy your tea
and of course this piece of music in your ear.

Note: Sometimes Wurlitzer is messing quite creatively with words… so the best is to sing the lyrics first „kind of…“.

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Wenn der Besen fällt


Ein Aufruf zum Frühjahrsputz?
Für mich ganz klar: schneller, besser, mehr BS!

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   Sssabat! Sssabatan!
Bitte nicht stören. Hexe hört Musik.

  (witch on stone paper)

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TOGETHER  – I had those two guys in mind and here they are.
I imagine them somewhere in the Lindwurmstraße and watching the Wiesn scenery.
They are telling in a strong Bavarian accent: „Remember when we went to the Wies’n, heee…. I always had to walk you home, hee….“ Adorable couple, isn’t it.

„Zosamme alt“ is just the suitable title. I found that great piece of music today from Niedecken and I already love it. Thanks, Wolfgang!

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