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Sonntag gibt’s dann eben vino…


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Once more I needed to stick to my football project – so again 2 in 1:


Actually, there are several spaces on this picture.
I imagined a comfortable space to have a nap between extra time and penalties just in the net above the goal (kind of hammock).
The space between the white point and the goal – exactly 12 yards.
But the most important space was left on each side. Loved and hated. Defended by one person … to keep it „clean“.
We will see tonight!!

For those who are eager to have a Bilderrätsel / picture puzzle today: There was another word left on my list which fits nicely in that picture. How is the green guy called? It’s not the one in the goal.

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„Alle reden über’s Wetter,
aber keiner unternimmt was dagegen. „

Dem Karl Valentin nachträglich alles Gute!

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There is no hurry finishing a piece of music first.
… especially when you are not alone 😉

Have a wonderful week!

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