I love my “Wurlitzer” – inner flowing music source.sweet-chai
Guess which song came up in my mind while making this nice cup of tea.
After the refrain it says: “Where do we go now? Where do we go now?”

Have a wonderful afternoon & enjoy your tea
and of course this piece of music in your ear.

Note: Sometimes Wurlitzer is messing quite creatively with words… so the best is to sing the lyrics first “kind of…”.


Some sketches are just a pain in the neck!
This one keeps on showing up again and again on my desk, like little children who are pulling at sleeves, shouting “look… looooook…!!!”
This one is absolutely raw… not really beautiful… but the guys are somehow happy, fearless and real believers —- demanding for PEACE.

I did not know the expression “whimsical” before – suppose that’s meant. Correct?
Suppose that’s why those guys keep on knocking on my desk :-)
Let’s all be believers!!

Inspired by Marla Glen: Believer

one world is enough


life on earth

day on earth

or sunny day on the beach… or dragon’s yawning…
I’ll look at it tomorrow.

im Flow

im flow_IMG_1742

Freshing up with some flowing colours.
Unbelievable… they are drying so quickly :-)

It’s been ages that I posted anything here…


… inspired me.. and at least a little part of my latest colour composition:
Full of curiosity and alegría!
Enjoy and feel the energy!


Treasure… is a little shoe box… ;-)

paper & pen

Zu spät für den Illustration Friday, doch immer wieder schön die beiden. Was wäre der eine ohne den anderen?



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